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IVRPA booth on the Photokina floor

To learn more about VR photography, and to have a look at our gallery of printed panoramas entitled 'Around the world in 360 degrees', feel free to visit our booth. We are situated in hall 05.1, booth D001 - C002

On our booth

On our booth we have an exhibition of a selection of printed panoramas created by our members from all over the world. For a sneak peek of the type of images you'll find, you can have a look at our online stills gallery, which includes many more images. Be sure to visit the printed gallery though, because these highly detailed images are a lot more impressive 'up close'.

Most of the work our members do is not about the printed image. On our booth, you will also find showcases of our interactive work. Ranging from famous and less famous places hosted on and panoramas from all over the world on the World Wide Panorama project, to the latest VR goggle technology. We will also be showing off our near-live panorama coverage of the Photokina events and booths, so if you have seen one of our members taking a panorama and wonder if you're in the final image, come and have a look!

And finally, the booth is a place to meet some of our members. To name just a few: Hans Nyberg, (maintainer of the website hosting some of the most famous fullscreen VRs), Jook Leung (famous for the 9/11 tribute panoramas and his series of Time Square New Years' Eve panoramas) and Matthias Taugwalder (panorama photographer and mountainier, bringing us views from Switserland's famous summits).


The IVRPA booth could not have been realised without the support of two special sponsors. The IVRPA and worldwide photo imaging community wish to express their sincere thanks to Koeln Messe/Photokina and Durst for their generous assistance.